Friday, October 14, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #665+1

Home Spun comic strip #666

Sometimes you just don't know what direction the conversation will take. Suddenly a talk about superheroes changes course and becomes a talk about which supervillains are truly bad (like Batman's Joker) and which are simply misguided or misunderstood (like the X-Men's Magneto). Personally, I think DC was always better at creating characters who were absolutes. Marvel liked to explore the gray area of human nature, that is, we are all good and evil, and our choices tip us one way or the other. Did I mention we were going to the New York Comic Con this weekend?


CSPeterson said...

You have inspired me to go digging through my sons' comic books :-)
Have a great time at Comic Con!

Inner Elder said...

hope you enjoyed Comic/Con. Love, Mom

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