Sunday, November 20, 2011

Excuse me While I Have Some Whine

I'm sorry I'm not terribly funny lately.

My computer has decided to be wonky lately. It takes forever for me to load websites and blogs. And of course, the problems started right before I had my revised manuscript ready to upload to CreateSpace. Two days before I tried to upload it, CreateSpace decided to put up a new feature, an automated reviewer. This is supposed to catch issues before you send your manuscript in for review. But since my computer is working slowly, it couldn't load the automated reviewer. My computer kept freezing up. My husband finally uploaded it on his computer, but the automated reviewer seemed to think there were issues where nothing was wrong.

All this was happening while I was dealing with decluttering and cleaning my house (well...the kitchen and living room) in preparation for family on Thanksgiving. I have also been running around more than usual this week, with our homeschooling storytelling group and Chase's book group falling in the same week. Then I found out the county wants to close all of the nature centers in the area at the end of the year. As usual, community-building, affordable recreation is the first on the chopping block. This called for action, so I composed a letter to the editor. The annual Audubon sponsored raptor show was also this week. And did I mention I've had to deal with a cat with gum disease? A cat with gum disease that can only eat extremely mushy watered down food? And I'm the only one that can coax her to eat?

Then Sierra got sick. It seemed to be a 24 hour virus. I'm thankful it was only 24 hours.

Needless to say, I've felt a bit overwhelmed. When I get overwhelmed, I get panicky. I start wondering if I'm doing the right thing by publishing my book. I start wondering if it's better to just leave all of this until after the holidays. Of course, I've been sticking this on the back burner for years. I want to be a good example to my kids, but weeks like this one do test my resolve. I'm thankful I have a loving family to lean on when I feel this way. Frankly, their love and support has been carrying me through the past two days. If I get this book together before the end of the year, you have them to thank for it. I don't know what I would do without them. There wouldn't even be a comic strip if not for them.

So I'm taking deep breaths and submitting the revised manuscript. Fingers crossed.


Kez said...


jugglingpaynes said...

Thank you Kez. I think I was in need of one! Things are better today.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Tina - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Love, Linda

Stephanie said...

What are the odds that they'd launch a new system just as you were ready to upload your book? That really stinks -- and the timing is awful, with Thanksgiving and poor Sierra being sick. ((((HUGS))))

Inner Elder said...

Third time to leave a comment on this post. I am so glad you are publishing your book. You are using your gifts to bless us all. Thank you. Love, MOm

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