Friday, December 23, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #690

Home Spun comic strip #690

The song Aña is singing is based on Sierra's toddler rendition of "Deck the Halls."

I will be taking a short break and will have more new comics in 2012. Thank you all for your well wishes, I am feeling a little better this morning. Hopefully, a day in will nip this cold in the bud!

May you have a wonderful Christmas weekend, Happy Chanukah to my readers in the middle of their celebrations, and may the New Year be filled with peace and laughter!


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Paula Vince said...

I hope you'll be well enough to enjoy a wonderful Christmas. I've been enjoying your book a lot today :)

Inner Elder said...

Great comic today! I love Ana's (aka Sierra's) version of Deck the Halls. It brought we back to my childhood when I wondered who was Richard Stands every time we said the Pledge of Allegiance. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

It was wonderall to see you together one more time before 2011 vanishes into the years past.
Thank you all for sharing with us the joy of sharing in the growth of your family. It has always been like a deliate treasure that you want to last untarnished forever. And so, does the story of your forever challenged Xmas tree.
It's not just about the tree and its decorations, but about everything that happens in and around it that matters most.
Love you all,

CSPeterson said...

I LOVE Sierra's lyrics!

flmom said...

LOL! I worried how our tree would fare this year with an indoor cat, but she rarely went near it. She is a sneaky thing, so I insist she wear a jingle bell collar so we know (most of the time) where she is. As long as she was wearing her collar, she steered clear of the tree. The moments she didn't have it on, those were the times she was brave enough to slink over to swat at lower branches and ornaments.

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