Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Week in Perspective...

  • On Sunday, I published my book. I also dealt with one daughter's crisis when she took an online math quiz without her calculator (we later found the calculator under her book-bag) and the other daughter's Santa crisis. Oh. It was my birthday too.
  • On Monday, I spent most of the day traveling back and forth to the vet's office because Dusty was severely dehydrated in spite of the liquid diet we've been feeding her for months. She was also having adverse reactions to steroidal medications. I also took Marina to her class and did some grocery shopping and stopped at the pet store for cat litter and live crickets (the latter was for the anole, not the cats).
  • On Tuesday, I took Marina to class and later to work. After I dropped her off at work, the rest of us went to a rally to save funding for our county nature centers. In the pouring rain. We also went into the budget public hearing, so we got to see our local government in action. We lasted a half hour. The budget is still in talks, but we are cautiously optimistic that the funding has been restored.
  • On Wednesday, I drove Marina to class, took the other two to a homeschooling meet up at the library, stopped at the store because I was without a list on Monday and forgot things, started dinner, picked up Marina for dinner then took her back for another class, took Chase to taekwondo, then picked up Marina.
  • On Thursday, I took Marina to class, took the other two to church, picked up Marina, drove us all to nature class, took Marina to work, and picked her up.
  • On Friday, I took the cat back to the vet for oral surgery, went to the post office, realized the car was low on gas (seriously?), went to the gas station and picked up the cat.
  • Today I will be at a volunteer training session at the library and working on my comics. It's a slow day.

I hope your week has been less productive than mine!


Stephanie said...

I hope next week is MUCH less eventful for you. :-)

Kez said...

Enjoy your slow day - you deserve it!

Inner Elder said...

I'm out of breath reading this. Where was your Yoga class in this frenzy? What a great learning experience you are giving - attending a budget hearing! Love, Mom

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