Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #716

Home Spun comic strip #716

It's amazing how you can go to a park for years and still not know everything about it. The park we frequently hike in used to be a quarry for a nearby dam, but it took years of hiking before I actually stumbled across the old quarry. (The day our usual trail was flooded and we got lost.) It took a couple more years before I found the piece of old track along a trail that runs over the top of the quarry. This week I learned yet another new thing while hiking. I ran into a small, funny looking bird that looked like a cross between a wood duck and a kiwi. It passed in front of me and settled into the leaves within an arm's distance of me. Turns out it was a woodcock. I had heard the name, but I had never seen one before. Another new experience in our favorite old park!


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Kez said...

Funny, I just found out this week that there's an aboriginal gravesite just off the road where I walk every week. I'd never seen it before!

Inner Elder said...

Your heightened awareness is what allows you to "see" in more ways than one. Keep on discovering and learning your whole life. That's the lesson you're teaching to your homeschoolees. Love, Mom

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