Friday, March 16, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #720

Home Spun comic strip #720


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call*me*kate said...

We've talked about growing caterpillars - I've heard both good and bad experiences. We'll see. We got Carmen a rainbow ant farm for Christmas but it's been so cold I haven't sent for the little guys yet (or is it girls?) I love how your book just keeps living in our house! Chad's final is this Monday, Winter term sure went fast. I hope Marina is doing okay in college. It's already time to register for Spring (more $$$!) Enjoy your weekend - Kate

P.S. We have had our own list of things that have needed fixing all these years, one of them being the light switch in the kitchen. It doesn't like to stay on and flickers and then goes out sometimes. Finally, it will be fixed!

Inner Elder said...

If only I reached that point - not getting sick of food but stopping eating before I burst out of my skin! What an image! Love, Mom

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