Friday, May 4, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #738

Home Spun comic strip #738  

It's funny how people try to connect to children. They tell the child they know another one the same age. They always ask how school is, or what grade are my children in, which always leads to homeschooling in our case. That always leads to "I know a homeschooler." It's an honest attempt, but it doesn't really create a talking point. It's simply too impersonal and abstract, as if you are playing a game of six degrees of separation.

It can be difficult to explain to our children why adults react the way they do to our life choices. Just because they were raised this way, why should they become ambassadors for homeschooling? I have to remind myself of this when Chase and Sierra don't really want to talk with the stranger who asks about their life. In spite of our entertainment past, I didn't raise my kids to be performers. And when I think about it, I remember how much they are like me when I was little: shy and sensitive and a bit intimidated by the nosy grown-ups. The adults I was most drawn to were the ones who were doing things I was interested in, like playing music, sketching, or working with animals. I think that's why Marina is better at the social game. She is interested in everything. It's so much easier to feel comfortable when you have a true common interest, rather than a common connection to a general topic.


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Queen Bee said...

Great insight - and very true. It reminds me how people, when they find out I'm from California, will say something like, "My third cousin lives in California," or "I know someone in Arizona." :)

jugglingpaynes said...

Exactly my point, Queen Bee!

Inner Elder said...

I agree. So when I find out what your interests are, maybe I could say: "Tell me about that." or "What's that like?" I know most people try to relate what you say back to their own experience but this makes you wonder - do they really want to know me? Lots of food for thought here. Like always. Love, Mom

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