Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #740

Home Spun comic strip #740

 This is the other reason for lost objects in our house. Cats. They get into things. They drag or bat stuff under furniture. I once found four pens under the refrigerator along with various cat toys. The little plastic counting bears are often swatted to the far corners of the house. Marina's knitting has gotten strewn more than once. We have five cats. If you leave it out, it's likely one of the cats will find it interesting. 

As I was setting up the comics for this week, Marina came to me all upset because Romeo had ripped the tracing paper guide she made for an embroidery she is working on. You try to hold your breath at times like this. It isn't going to help if I tell her she should have put it away. She knew that. She simply got busy with something else and forgot. It's the fatal flaw of my multi-talented child. You have to make sacrifices for their art.


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flmom said...

Our newest cat has become bad about running off with little Lego pieces and such. We've warned the kids to keep things picked up and put away, but it falls on deaf ears. Both cats just recently tore out the entire underneath of our youngest's box springs and used it as a hiding spot for their stash!

Inner Elder said...

I felt so bad for Marina but cats will be cats. I hope she figured a way to complete her project - it was so gorgeous! Love,Mom

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