Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Ice Cube Analogy

My husband came up with an ice cube tray analogy the other day. It got me thinking. You may want to turn away and find something else to read today. You know how I am when I start thinking!

Imagine an ice cube tray. Each ice cube is a subject. Everything about the subject is contained in this little cube. Want math? Pop out the math cube. Want writing? Pop out the writing cube. Each is completely separate from the others. No need for guessing. What you see is what you get. It's simple.

Now imagine all of these ice cubes get dumped into a bowl and stirred around. They are still very distinct, but mixed together, there is no telling what you might scoop up into your cup of knowledge. One day it might be reading, math, and medieval history. The next it might be grammar, science, and health. Every scoop is a different combination, but they are still distinct subjects.

Now imagine that it is a warm day and those ice cubes have been left out. Before you remember and throw them back into the freezer they have started to melt into each other. Cubes that were once easily identifiable have now melted into each other. Sometimes, only droplets of subjects land on other cubes. English touches on history, which touches on science and math. Sometimes cubes fuse together. Math and music blend. Biology mingles with health. Sometimes a topic melts faster and becomes a puddle for other subject to float in, like reading and writing. It is harder to sort out what type of learning is happening, but if you dip your cup in, you are certain to fill it with something interesting.

The trick is to stay thirsty enough that you keep coming back for refills.


Twisted said...

Perfect analogy.

Kez said...

Love it!

Inner Elder said...

I think I would call this holistic learning. Happy Birthday Reed! Love, Mom

Paula Vince said...

I love the ice cube analogy. When you think of it this way, there's an iceberg of knowledge out there.

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