Monday, August 13, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #757

Home Spun comic strip #757

 I love workbooks. They have cute cartoon characters in them. The lessons are simple and easy to explain. And they have lots of exercises to work on. Which was always the problem. Sometimes there were too many exercises. My kids like to finish things. They also like to make sure they are right. Sometimes filling in a page of math problems could take hours. Not too fun for any of us. I also felt the need to copy problems out into a notebook for them, so I could reuse the workbook with the next child. And then I would forget where I stored it.

I still love workbooks. I still look at them in the stores. And then I leave them there. After all, I have plenty of old workbooks if anyone wants to use one. 

...Once I find them... 


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Lori said...

coming by to visit because i’ve been missing you! :)

jugglingpaynes said...

Hi Lori! Thank you for your comment! I have been around, even if I've been somewhat quiet. I'm a tad behind in my blogreading, although I have your wonderful blog bookmarked. (For anyone interested, Lori writes at: about project based homeschooling)

Inner Elder said...

Hi Tina, Catching up on your blog after my week of quiet. I guess everyone is enjoying quiet time but I love seeing your art work anytime. Love, Mom

Lori said...

thank you, cristina! i get behind in my blog reading all the time, then i have to play catch-up — or at least try. :)


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