Friday, September 14, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #762

Home Spun comic strip #762 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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call*me*kate said...

Concerning your post the college years - I totally agree! This is not the time to let them out of the nest without guidance. I am experiencing that myself with Chad - there is so much to teach at this age! My younger two are way easier at this point. Hope things go well at college for Marina. Chad starts Sept. 24th. Enjoy your weekend - Kate
P.S. I think you are wise to return to your art and may it inspire and refresh you! (Sorry, that sounded like a greeting card, but you know what I mean!)

Inner Elder said...

I appreciate your cartoons about "unschooling". They help me understand this concept a little better. Love, Mom

Vicki said...

LOL! Unschooling --->> Stealth teaching!!

I've actually heard people being accusatory of this sort of approach but I find that rather silly. Sure, if you are a mom who tries to force these moments of discovery, then it's not 'unschooling' but when you are a mom that encourages them to learn all they can from their discoveries, then you are going a great job!

So many people miss that children want to learn and discover. It doesn't need to be forced. By allowing them the opportunity and room to explore, all sorts of amazing learning happens!

Vicki - Radical Unschooling Mom of a Teenager =D

P.S. For any one curious to read more about how unschooling works, here's a link to my favorite website with years of gathered Q&A on the topic:

Vicki said...

Weird things are happening online! This computer, the same one that has been blocking me from commenting for years now, is letting me comment again! I'd like to think that the www magicians are being kind, but it's probably one of my people messing with the system again. Either way, I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!!

(You don't need to publish this. Just a note of random ponderings.)

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