Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why I Have Lost All Track of Time

If I can say anything about my life, it is never boring. And life with a college student has ensured that boredom won't come into play for a long time. 

 This is the third year at the community college for Marina, her second year as a full-time student. Let me tell you, we have had an uphill battle keeping her full-time this semester. The week before the semester began, one of her classes was canceled because of low enrollment. We scrambled to replace the credits. While she considered optional classes, she realized there was a one-credit class required for visual art majors. The catch is that it is only offered in the fall. Both sections were full. There are times when you try to hold your breath to keep the "I told you so" from pouring out. Because I did. I told her to talk with her academic adviser before she figured out her schedule for the fall. She didn't want to be a bother. If there is a gap in my child's home education, it is that I failed to teach her to be self-centered and demanding. Darn. 

 I suggested she get in touch with her adviser as soon as possible. After several emails, a visit with her adviser, and a talk with the professor teaching the class--who happened to be Marina's Drawing 2 professor from last semester--Marina managed to squeeze into the required class. One credit down, two to go. She decided to add a jewelry making class, which I thought was a fantastic idea. She already has a great deal of experience in jewelry making, and this class would expand her skills into metal working. It would also be a shorter class, starting two weeks into the semester and ending several weeks before she would need to deal with finals in her other classes. She signed up. 

And then the class was cancelled a week before it's starting date. This must be the semester of false starts. Luckily there was another section on a different day. It only took three weeks to straighten out her schedule. I mean schedules. She still works at the library as well. Isn't this fun? 

Did I mention she's also taking driving lessons?


Inner Elder said...

Enjoy the adventure. Both of you! Love, Mom

flmom said...

WOW! I remember my freshman year at a local junior college ... several of us needed to take an English course, but everything was full. Literally every English class possible. Returning students got first priority, then they went in alphabetical order for the incoming freshman. My last name began with L. Crazy things were full by the time they go to me. Thankfully my assigned advisor squeezed a few of us into one of his classes. Hope she is able to enjoy her semester!

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