Monday, October 29, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #772

Home Spun comic strip #772

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call*me*kate said...

It's Tuesday evening here and we are all hoping you and your family are doing o.k. You've been our prayers for the last few days and we'll keep praying. If you've lost power, I hope it is restored soon. Chad and I have been closely following the damage reports on the radio and online. Amazing how wide-spread the damage has been, so sorry so many people have been affected. Here on the Northwest coast, we are having our own wind/rain storm (out of sympathy, perhaps?) Power went out in town, affecting Todd's workplace and Chad's college. Hope to hear from you soon, take care - Kate

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and your family and praying you all made it safely through the storm. All your friends are praying for you and waiting for word on how you all fared. Please update us soon if you can and if you can't be prepared for a huge homeschooling rescue crew!

Love you and be well!

Anonymous said...

The proving I'm not a robot is near impossible since they keep making it near impossible to read!! Yikes!!

Praying you all are well!

Inner Elder said...

the detail in your artwork never ceases to amaze me but this strip is phenomenal! Love, Mom PS I agree with Anonymous comment above. Maybe I'm a robot.

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