Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Weekend Crush of the Crowds

It was quite a week. I spent most of it running on what was left of my adrenaline. A week ago Friday was the start of the book sale our library friends group organizes. I was put in charge of children's books. During the year, I took care of sorting and packing children's book donations, along with a small group of volunteers. Last week, I unpacked and displayed the donations in the book sale room. I also made a couple of trips to Disney Publishing to pick up books for our sale. They are closing their nearby office and moving, and were nice enough to let us rummage through their stash of new books. I had no idea how many pies Disney had its finger in. There were lots of series my family knows and loves.

The sale was a success, and success means crowds. Friday night, Saturday, and Monday (the days I volunteered) were packed with people. We made a nice sum of money for our library. This is great since the library has been operating on a bare bones budget this year and next year promises more of the same. I'm proud to do what I can to help.

It's a good thing I'm not agoraphobic, because this weekend would have definitely pushed me into becoming a hermit.The one day I did not work the sale, I went to New York Comic Con. This was the third year for my family and the first year for Sierra. I was worried about bringing her because she does have a tendency to panic in crowded places, but she really wanted to go with us. I think she did well considering how packed in we were at the sold out convention. We developed a walk I will call the Con Shuffle. You shuffle along in the main aisle currents until you see a gap, and then quickly side step into that gap to reach a booth. If you missed the booth you were aiming for, you might end up several aisles downstream before you could turn back. I lost my husband twice because he couldn't shuffle fast enough. Here are some convention pictures.

My three children. Chase made a mask based on Rengar, a League of Legends character. This slowed us down, as there were many people who stopped him to take his picture.

Marina meets the artist of the online comic she reads, "Looking for Group" (Just to warn you, some of the comics are not for young eyes.) Marina has been knitting a model of the character Richard. You can see how excited the artist was about it!
My husband next to a Dalek from Dr. Who. This was the best shot I could get. The Dr Who booth was one of the most crowded.

  In all, it was a wonderful weekend, but it took its toll on us. Then our week was fuller than usual because of our monthly storytelling group and a cat with a toothache. Hopefully things will be back to normal now. Just in time for writing my first quarterly report. Yay!


Melissa R said...

I enjoyed seeing NY Comic Con pictures but did not enjoy hearing about the crowds. November bring Comic Con to Rhode Island. We haven't been ever before to a Comic Con but this one will be birth by fire because my son is one of the guests! We are so excited that so many great guests will be there like so many from BSG and Back to the Future and the Soup Nazi! My boy is the Pokemon National Champion (and 2nd place in the World) for his age division and has been invited as a guest!!guests/c76e

Anonymous said...

Cool mask, Chase. I thought you were a stranger standing by Marina with her beautiful outfit. And Sierra looked so happy and charming . I love it all and I'm glad that you all had a great family time.

jugglingpaynes said...

Melissa: How exciting for your son! Maybe RICC won't be quite as crowded as ours was. You have a lot of great guests coming, I'm so jealous. I grew up on Buck Rogers and Land of the Lost. :o)

Thanks Dad, we did have a good time. We saw my cousin, he looked very happy!

Inner Elder said...

Is Marina a Borg? Whatever, she looks beautiful. Chase's mask is awesome - you are all so crafty! And Sierra looks like she really enjoyed Comic Con, crowds and all. Glad you had a good time. Love, Mom/Grandma

Stephanie said...

I am so jealous of the trip to Comic Con and the photo op with the Dalek! :-) Your family is consistently and completely awesome.

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