Monday, November 26, 2012

Technical Difficulties....

I was proud of myself for managing to put some comics together this weekend. In spite of the holiday, having Thanksgiving at my place for my family and my parents, I still managed to think up some ideas. I sketched them out on Sunday morning and by this morning, I had them complete and ready for my scanner.

Ah, yes, my scanner.

I've had this scanner for years. It's my downfall that when I find something that works for me, I stick with it. Even when it begins to not work. It's been dying a slow death for at least a year now. We've reached the point where I need to smack it or shake it at least once every time I plugged it in, otherwise the scanner mechanism sticks at one end and my computer gives me an error message. I know hitting is wrong. I like to think of it as technological CPR. And it really is the only thing that worked. Until today.

Today it isn't working at all. Tech Support is at his paying job, so I have been on my own trying to breathe life back into this machine. I've tried two USB transplants and I'm in the process of searching for the original cord that my husband keeps taking out because it only works for me. I'm afraid this may be the end of the line for my scanner, which is sad, because this is an expensive time of year and my monitor needed to be replaced last week while I was preparing the Carnival of Homeschooling. Every time the monitor went into energy saving sleep, it went comatose. Now I have a brand new screen and a dead scanner. I'm hoping it's only mostly dead.

Long story short, my comics are late. I will keep working on my scanner, but I'm afraid this is going to take a miracle. 

Here are some photos of our Thanksgiving table to look at while you wait. 

Sierra set a beautiful table for us.
Marina made an apple pie, I made the chocolate mud pie and Sierra helped me make tiramisu.


Julie said...

Hope you get the scanner working again soon. What a wonderful table, a real family effort for sure. Thanks for stopping by my blog and making the sweet comments. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful desserts - makes me hungry! Hope your scanner is okay. Love, Linda

Kez said...

When I worked in IT, we called it 'percussive maintenance' :) It's surprising how often it works!

Looks like a lovely thanksgiving dinner!

Melissa R said...

I obtained my current scanner (a quite functional HP model) by asking on Freecycle. I was so thankful that someone had one to give away and I didn't have to spend money on it. You never know until you ask!

Inner Elder said...

I love that - technological CPR. Reminded me of our first TV, when my father used to whack it on the side whenever it acted up.

The dinner was scrumptious and the Tiramisu was heaven! Thank you for all your work - we had a great time. Love, Mom

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