Thursday, December 13, 2012

Home Spun Vignette #25


If you enjoy my comics, the first collection, No School Today? is available from these sellers:

Barnes & Noble


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call*me*kate said...

Dear friend, please forgive me for not wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sooner! I am SO impressed with your balancing tradition! What terrific photos! I hope you had a nice birthday and remember - you'll always be younger than me! I read your post about Marina but got teary eyed in the process. I'm so proud of her! It does, however, remind me of how fast time is going by with Chad. I completely understand ... (sniff) Oh, and I loved the Thanksgiving photo of your kids at your festive table. (all this blog-catching up!!) Visiting your blog is always a breath of fresh air for me. Getting Chad done with this term of college, and then all the Christmas busyness has kept me away from blogging. I hope to start writing posts again soon, perhaps that'll be my New Year Resolution. Anyway, have a very happy Christmas season and enjoy the holidays! God bless - Kate

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