Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home Spun comic strip #790

Home Spun comic strip #790

While I often reminisce about how I used to homeschool, I try to balance that with why I do things differently now. I will never have the same conditions for learning with Sierra that I had with Marina or Chase. Not only is our life different, Sierra is simply not Chase, and Chase is not Marina. It doesn't make sense for me to fit square pegs into round holes. If I wanted a system that does not adapt to my child's needs, I would put them in school. I homeschool because I want something unique for my children.


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Inner Elder said...

I like classical you. But I also like that you contemplate your choices and have the courage to fit your teaching methods to meet your children's needs. The process is an ongoing one, as you well know. Lots of Love, Mom

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