Thursday, March 14, 2013

Home Spun comic strip #793

Home Spun comic strip #793

Books are an addiction in our house, especially for Marina and me. The accumulation tends to rise and fall as I realize we are getting overwhelmed. Series are always an issue. I do my best to keep the book clutter down by using the library as much as possible, but somehow the books always seem to pile up again. We would bring home used copies of Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Children, The Babysitters' Club, The Secrets of Droon, and American Girl when Marina was younger. It took time for me to feel comfortable in passing them along to friends or the library. After all, what if Chase or Sierra decided they wanted to read them?

They never did have any interest in them. By the time Chase was reading, we were looking for copies of Dragons of Deltora, Geronimo Stilton and Jack Sparrow. Sierra enjoyed the Rainbow Magic Fairies, Animal Ark, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, and Warriors.

We have kept some series. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson have been read and enjoyed by all of us. I am waiting to see if Sierra will read our collection of the 39 Clues. She never took to the Magic Tree House books that her siblings loved. I suppose there would be more room in our house if they had all enjoyed the same series, but I like that they can enjoy a wide assortment of books.   

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Chele said...

I'm trying really hard to buy all *new* series on the Kindle. We are completely drowning in books here.

Inner Elder said...

Your love of books is the doorway to education. I think I helped my book collecting build-up with the nook. I guess my nook is cluttered but it takes up the same space and weighs the same! Have fun with yours. Love, Mom

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