Monday, April 29, 2013

Home Spun comic strip #804

Home Spun comic strip #804


If you enjoy my comics, the first collection, No School Today? is available from these sellers:

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Inner Elder said...

Thank you for the Monday chuckle! Love ya! Mom

call*me*kate said...

Just read your last post ... I, too, feel guilty that I'm not doing as much with my daughter as I'd like to. When Chad and Alec were small, we did all kinds of things. After Carmen was born, we just toted her around wherever we went. But in the last few years, things have gotten busier and more costly, which means we don't do as much. She says she hears about so many interesting things we did when she was too little to remember. I feel SO guilty!! But, I just have to do my best I can. I try to make extra time alone with Carmen every day, to read to her or cook with her, etc., besides the time I spend with her regular school work. I also try to be aware of time spent alone with Alec, usually discussing an interest of his. I remember my own Mom being busy with my older sisters when I was young ... perhaps it's just that way in all families, not just homeschoolers. Maybe ...

I personally think you are amazing! I hope the month of May goes well for you and your family, including all the birthdays. Take care - Kate

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