Monday, July 22, 2013

And July isn't Over Yet

"Summer. It turns me upside down. Summer, summer, summer. It's like a merry-go-round." ~The Cars
July started with an internship for my son at the place where he's been taking digital animation classes. It did not occur to me when I helped him decide on days that he would pick two of the three free days I had. Not that it mattered. My daughter started doing extra hours at the library, so she needed to be somewhere almost every day even though her classes ended. She drives, but we only have one car to work with, so I still end up as chauffeur. Not to be overshadowed by her siblings' schedules, Sierra meets up with a friend on Fridays. We have reached the point where summer is not different from any other season. Except hotter.

And did it ever get hot last week! Halfway into the seven-day heat wave, it seemed like everyone was wandering and driving in a half-conscious daze. Two of our cats set themselves up on a chest directly in front of our only air conditioner. I could not sit at the computer for long without being soaked in sweat. My husband had the week off (I'll bet he was wishing to be in his air-conditioned office), in part because our roof was scheduled to be redone Monday or Tuesday. They canceled because of the heat, then rescheduled for Wednesday because they remembered our roof is shaded by large trees. We also needed to have my car repaired because the muffler was disintegrating. I was busy helping Marina with last minute preparations for her trip to England at the end of the week. Still with me?

Our roofers decided the best way to beat the heat would be to start at 7:00am, or -- as my family calls it -- "the crack of dawn." After surprising us all awake the first day, we pointed out the town noise ordinance. That gave us an extra hour before they arrived the second day. That was the same day we needed to bring my car in to the garage. I ended up waking at 5:30 for the next two days because I had a terrible fear of being caught in my pajamas again. Let me tell you, I would be a much better morning person if I weren't a night person. I managed to lose the keys to my husband's car on Wednesday after I picked up my son from the internship. I managed to lose the keys to my car on Friday after I picked up some things for Marina's trip. I assume they are in the house somewhere. How could I get home without them?

Saturday, my husband drove the girls to the airport to drop off Marina. Chase and I said our goodbyes at home. I was taking him to a class on auto maintenance in the library parking lot. Also, I am a basket case when one of my children is flying and I would rather have my freak out in private. I honestly believe my keys went missing to give me something to do during her flight. 

Saturday night, as Marina was somewhere over the Atlantic, the heat finally broke. At least I would sleep comfortably.

The TV blared to life at 5am Sunday. One of the cats had stepped on the remote.

PS- My daughter arrived safely in England. I am so happy she gets to be there! It should be an incredible experience.


Anonymous said...

Tina - very happy to hear Marina made it to England without any problems. I'm sure she will have a great time! Hopefully, you will have a much quieter - and cooler - week. Maybe even sleep late one day? Love, Linda

Kez said...

Do you want me to send some toothpicks over for your eyes?! Sounds like a hectic week.

I'm so glad Marina made it over there safely. She will have the best time!!

jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! Yes, I need toothpicks. It's not as hectic this week, but still more than I would like to deal with!

Inner Elder said...

I'm out of breath reading this. That heat wave was awful! Hope you find your keys. Love, Mom

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