Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happily Anniversary

Here is what I wrote for my husband for our anniversary. We celebrate 22 years this year. Hard to believe it's been that long!


Our life has been a fairy tale that started in reverse
We had our "happily ever after" before we were tested

Then we sifted the grain from the sand
We braved the sea of monsters
We scaled the glass mountain
We answered the sphinx's riddles
We faced the giants
We fought the dragons and trolls

And we never despaired
Our hearts were our strength through each trial

Ahead of us the tangled wood hides our path
I will take your hand in mine
Step forward into the unknown
Ever ready for the next adventure
Come enchanted cottage or haunted castle
Our love is ever the shield that protects us

Happily Anniversary!


Kez said...

Awww! Beautiful!

Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

What comes a little before silver? It can't be copper. But anyway, may your hearts continue to enlighten you throughout life. Happy Anniversary! Love and cheers!

Inner Elder said...

What a beautiful poem! A tribute to your love and marriage. I know a poem is great when it chokes me up and this one did. May you have many more loving years together. Love you both. Mom PS Did the hose work out?

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary and congratulations on 22 years! We just hit 23 years. It's almost hard to believe.

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