Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cambridge Trip: Today's Ten, Part 1

Marina took a lot of photos during her stay at Cambridge. I've only just started to sift through everything and she's been home a week. I figured the best thing to do would be to break up my choices for posting into groups of ten. It may take the rest of the month to get it all up. I'm sorting through a thousand+ pictures!

Today covers her arrival and the first Monday. Click on any picture to enlarge.

The Sherlock Garden, St. Catharine's College

The Sherlock Garden was in the courtyard that Marina's room overlooked.

This reminded Marina of her brother's Dungeons & Dragons character.

Her first Monday, she went punting on the River Cam.

A view from the river. King's College chapel.

Another river view. She thought it was pretty.

The Jerwood Library, Trinity Hall

A coat of arms on a bridge

St. John's chapel. Maybe. There were a lot of buildings along the river!

A close up of the bridge near St. John's, as the punt crossed under.
And that's today's ten. Hopefully I'll have more pictures up on Thursday! Hopefully...


Kez said...

Oh wow, it's so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures - and she took them from a moving boat! Good job Marina. Can't wait to see more. Notice the blue sky, no rain in sight. Love Aunt Linda

Inner Elder said...

Thank you for sorting and sharing. I love her pix! Love, Mom/Grandma

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