Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Little Snow Must Fall

I don't remember seeing this much snow since we moved to this area, the year of the thirteen snowstorms. This week has been particularly difficult, with two heavy snows dumped within days of each other. I struggle to be optimistic about it, but when you are already sore from digging out on Monday and find all your work gone when you look out the window on Wednesday, it can be disconcerting, to say the least.

Those are the teachable moments the natural world gives us. Since I am a lover of  impermanent art forms, I try to look at shoveling the walk the same way I might look at a sand castle being overcome by a wave. There is nothing personal about it, it just is. The snow falls, and the walk and driveway must be cleared. If nothing else, I'm getting an excellent workout moving that snow into ever increasing mounds.

And a mound of good packing snow can be as fascinating to me as a block of marble to a sculptor.


Kez said...

You're so artistic!

Inner Elder said...

Wow! Maybe we should have stopped at your house to see this work of art. Well no matter. It looks like you'll have more snow to work with this week. Yuck! Love, Mom

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