Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Home Spun comic strip #829

Home Spuncomic strip #829


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Inner Elder said...

How true, how true! Thank you for today's gift of art. I like the way you show the cold on Ana's cheeks. Love, Mom

Keeley said...

The amount of times I've done this for my children! =D Though I must say, these days I say, "Well alright then" and let them freeze to death. I got a bit tired of carrying their coat around and they never did seem to learn... =D I have a couple of tough headed kids. =D

Straight up, a couple of weeks ago we were in Canada. Massive amounts of snow on the ground and sub zero temperatures. The 9 year old tried to go out in just a t-shirt. Crazy kids.

Mrs. A said...

So true. Even when they are 14 and 16. Sigh...

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