Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last Week...In Which my Activities Form a Harmonic Convergence

My life seems to be a whirlwind of activity lately.

I thought things would slow down once Marina was settled into college. I have read studies that culling deer doesn't work because new deer simply move in to fill the void. I think this can be applied to a homeschooling family's activities. As long as there is still someone left at home, there will always be a full schedule.

Who am I kidding? I can make my life busy without my children's help!

Last week's activities began the Friday before. I drove out to the university to pick up Marina for spring break. I'm not going to blame her, because we are a family of night owls, but we do seem to stay up later when Marina is in the house. You would think I could just go to bed ahead of everyone else and close the door. Not in my house. Somehow, they all end up sitting on my bed, talking and laughing together. It's wonderful having this level of family togetherness, but incredibly tiring! Add to that a cat who has been sick and wakes me up early because she can't breathe through her nose and it's a recipe for sleep deprivation.

Somehow I plow through. I count my blessings and enjoy every minute we have together. I take my son to his monthly teen game night and his internship two days a week. My monthly storytelling workshop was the same week. Marina needed to be at the library two days to work, and I volunteered there three days to help set up the mini-book sale (which I hear was a huge success!). Not to be outdone, Sierra had her weekly religious ed. class, but she also did a Minecraft build competition at the Digital Arts Experience, where her brother interns. I'm very proud of her for doing it. She didn't win, but she was complimented by many of her fellow Minecrafters on her build--a robot bunny spaceship--which I think was better praise than any award. Someday she'll believe me about that!

Anyway, one of the neat things we did together this week was to head to the Hudson River Museum for an Art of Video Games exhibit. I have been waiting two years for this exhibit to hit our area, ever since a blogger friend talked about it. It was so interesting! I enjoyed pointing out the games I remembered from my childhood, like Pitfall and Utopia. I hope we can make a trip back there for one of their special nights before the exhibit moves on.


Kez said...

Not sure if my last comment posted - it seemed to go into cyberspace.

Sounds like an enjoyable but exhausting week. Enjoy having all your ducklings home :)

Paula Vince said...

You've definitely had a full week. It sounds as if the late night chats have to happen then because it's the only time out of the busy 24 hours they'll fit in. That's a great problem to have. The Video Game art exhibit sounds intriguing too.
I hope your cat is getting well, though.

Mrs. A said...

Sounds wonderfully busy. Thanks for sharing about the gaming exhibit. It's something my people would enjoy, I'm sure.

Keeley said...

Wow, what a huge week! Sleep deprivation can certainly wreak havoc on a Momma, but you seemed to have coped admirably. The gaming exhibit looked like a lot of fun.

Inner Elder said...

You are blessed with a loving and laughing family - the best gift and you nurture it so well. I like your analogy of the deer - I agree. The Video Game exhibit sounds more interesting than the MOMA exhibit. Love you! Mom

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