Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Busy Time

I blinked and April was almost over.

This time of year always takes me by surprise. You would think I learned by now, but it still is the most busy time of the year. From now to the end of May it will be one thing after another. Happy things, but too much.

The busy started yesterday with a trip up to my daughter's university for the senior art exhibit. You know what's nice? Hearing other students tell you how wonderful your daughter is. It's not just my imagination. She is wonderful!

Here are some pictures of her and her work at the exhibit. Click on an image to make it bigger. Please excuse the glare of the lights on the glass.

Riddle: How many apples grow on a tree?
Riddle: What has a single eye but cannot see?

In front of her display. She had stickers to give away.
She helped to hang work and to set up the reception. I'm glad we got there early, since the reception was incredibly crowded, it would have been hard to appreciate all the wonderful work her class did. So many art students and such a wide variety of styles. This school was a good fit for her, it allows the students to really find their niche in the art world rather than fit into a school mold. Many students already have illustration jobs ahead of them. My daughter? I think she should own her own gallery. She showed us around and really enjoyed talking up the work of her peers.

We are almost there. In three weeks, she graduates. But not before two birthdays, a comic convention, Mother's Day, and a parks event that I promised to help at. Because, you know, what's one more activity when you're busy?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Marina! Well done - i'm sure you'll find the right career for you. Tina take a deep breath and make sure you get enough sleep. Sorry but I can't wait to see pictures of all the cakes you'll make.
Love to all, Aunt Linda

Paula Vince said...

Wow, awesome work. I'm glad the University is such a perfect fit.
I agree with you about the pace of the year. Once we're into April it seems to accelerate, and by the time we reach May, the momentum doesn't seem to stop.

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