Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Poem for our Silver Day

Scenes of our Love

Tickets to the Renaissance
Eyes meet across the table
Conversation in the Balcony
And it begins.

Escort to dark subways
Lessons in passing
Hands touch, drawing closer
A call about Starlight
And so it grows.

Two left-handed, third of threes
Fairy tale number
For a magical life.

Time passes quickly
Performances as partners
Bears in fancy dress
Then One, Two, Three
We count our blessings

Anniversary of silver
The promise engraved in gold
As you wish
Ever after.

Author's note: There is only one person who will understand every line. I hope. I'm the one with the better memory.

1 comment:

Inner Elder said...

Beautiful! I got a lot of it. Thank you for sharing. Love you both. Mom

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