Thursday, September 15, 2016

Life in the Slow Lane

When I say that life is a journey, I should clarify. One person's journey is different from another. You can see this by watching people drive. Some people live in the fast lane. They are goal-oriented, always focusing on the destination. They need to get from point A to point B and nothing that happens along the road will distract from that goal. 

There are also the cautious drivers. They might enjoy parts of the journey, but they won't deviate from the route. They drive the speed limit. They stay in the center lane until it is time to exit and even though they may enjoy the view, they don't see as much as they might have because they will never look away from the road. Cautious drivers don't risk getting lost or traveling off the established route.

To truly enjoy the journey, you need to be able to experience it. You need to set aside the map from time to time and trust that you'll find your way. Slow down. Let other cars go in front of you. Look up at the clouds. Notice the hawk sitting on the lamppost or the deer grazing along the side of the road. Turn on the radio and sing along. Go off the main road and see what sights there are to explore. Find the back roads. Get lost. Experience the unexpected. Have adventures.

The journey is not a straight path that takes you to a destination. Life is full of twists and turns, dead ends, and forks in the road. You don't even have to drive. The journey is each step you take and how you choose to place your feet. Any blisters will let you know how far you have come.

Author's note: In case it is unclear, I am speaking metaphorically about driving. Please drive safely. Buckle up and watch out for your fellow travelers.


Inner Elder said...

I did like this blog and thought I commented. I think I'm a middle laner but I do notice sunsets and deer at the side of the road. I always let the speeders go ahead of me where I can give them space and keep an eye on them. Wish I could feel freer to explore but I am afraid of losing my way. Hmmm! There's more to that than driving. Love, Mom

Keeley said...

Oh so true!
I'm a pretty cautious driver. I say I drive like an old lady. =P It's difficult to enjoy the scenery when you have your eyes fixed to the road, so I love it when the DH drives and I can look around.

Fabulous metaphor! =)

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