Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cold Weather Learning

This morning there was a layer of snow over the front yard. The cold was biting, but it made for a beautiful scene.

There are so many things to do in snow and cold weather. In the past, we've spent short spurts outside in subzero temperatures to do experiments. We toss hot water into the air to make instant snow. We bring out the soap bubbles and watch them freeze and drop. I couldn't find my bubbles this time, but I did notice some tracks in the snow.

Looks like a raccoon walked by last night. That's my boot print next to it.The smaller prints are from the sparrows that came to the feeders this morning.

White Throated Sparrow
There were also several juncos about.

This one is sitting on our rhododendron. Did you know you can tell how cold it is by looking at rhododendron leaves? The tighter they curl into tubes, the colder it is. It was 1 degree this morning with the wind chill. I'm surprised the bush wasn't shivering. At this point, my fingers were feeling frostbitten, so I moved inside to continue taking pictures through the window. They don't come out as clear, but you need to make some sacrifices for warmth.

Chickadee by the feeder

A Cardinal right before he carried this peanut away

Red-Bellied Woodpecker watching a House Sparrow land on the suet feeder
I hope you spent some time outdoors today!


Paula Vince said...

That looks incredibly beautiful. I'd love to pay a visit, not just to enjoy your snow but to photograph your birds :)

Inner Elder said...

I love the pix. I think my favorite is the woodpecker - did you take this thru the window? Wow! Guess what - this week you may get a chance to take more snow pictures. Love you, Mom

Inner Elder said...

PS I think I am caught up. Can't believe I missed so many of your blogs. Mom

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