Monday, May 15, 2017

Happenings: Sculptures by my Son

In case you were wondering, May is still hard, except now it starts in April.

I will post the May cakes after my son's birthday. He turns 21 this year. I haven't figured out what his cake will be yet. He just finished his spring semester at the community college. I think he has a bit of me in him. He always thinks he's doing worse in some classes than he actually is.

He also tends to surprise me with a conversations like this:

Him: So the student show opening is 11:00 to 1:00 tomorrow.
Me: And you're telling me now? (The time is 8PM)
Him: I told you I had a piece in the student show.
Me: But you didn't say when it would be.
Him: I just did.


So we went to the student show, and luckily it wasn't at the same time that I work. It's nice to see his work recognized when I had to "nudge" him a bit to take the sculpting class. I've watched him create sculptures from the time he was two or three. Here he is with his sculpture, made out of 100 plastic forks.

He also worked hard on this arm for a performance art piece for the same class. The fingers on the hand and the arm are rigged so he can move them with his hand and arm. I asked how he learned to do that. He recalled seeing it done on a short-lived reality series where contestants vied for a position at Jim Henson's Creature Shop. You never know where you are going to pick up a new skill.


Inner Elder said...

Way to go Chase! I've seen your Fork Sculpture in person and it is awesome. Tina, Your account of the conversation with Chase was my chuckle of the day! Love, Mom/Grandma

Inner Elder said...

PS I like the new background on your blog site. It is very easy to read. Love, Mom

Dana said...

Nice job on the sculpture!

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