Friday, July 14, 2017

The Hall of Justice Cake

For my husband's birthday, he asked for a cake that was DC themed.


It's never a good idea to be so vague with me. I decided to go retro and make a cake that looked like the Hall of Justice, from my childhood memories of the Super Friends. Why? Because the Watchtower looked too involved and it was hot. Really hot. And humid. It's not fun to bake in hot and humid weather.

I started with my buttermilk chocolate cake recipe and made one and a half recipes. The method of using chocolate ganache as glue worked so well in May, I figured I would do that again. FYI, it doesn't work when the temperature is in the 90s. I spent a lot of time waiting for parts to set in the freezer.

The front part of the Hall of Justice was decorated with buttercream frosting. The back section I used whipped cream frosting. FYI, whipped cream is also hard to work with in hot and humid weather. I think I fought this cake from beginning to end.

I used a Pirouette cookie for the columns on the front. Next time I will just pipe them in with frosting. Apparently, nothing sticks to these cookies. Or maybe only melted chocolate does, but I didn't buy white chocolate for this cake. 

 The sculpture in the reflecting pool was made from broken pieces of sugar cone. I was happy with how the sculpture came out.

Birthday season is now over for the year. I'm thinking I should try to make a cake or two in the fall, just to keep in practice. It would be fun to make some designs without the pressure of a birthday deadline.

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Inner Elder said...

As always I love your cakes and marvel at the way you combine artistry and deliciousness. Thought I saw this blog before and commented, but maybe I just remember the cake. Love, Mom

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