Friday, April 2, 2021

Writing Again...

 I feel bad that I only seem to get on here once a year now. In my defense, the past year has been very hard. Aside from trying to keep everyone healthy, continuing to work at the library, and shopping for my parents, we discovered a neighborhood feral cat had kittens under our house. They were very cute, but after we caught, tamed, and adopted them out, the mom showed up with a new litter. I guess our house is very safe to her. We ended up keeping two from the second litter and also made sure to trap and spay the mom. I think all the money we saved not going anywhere last year was poured into vet care.

 On the plus side, we ended up with these lovelies: 


Life goes on. Today I got my first vaccine. My parents are fully vaccinated and just started doing their own shopping again. My husband and oldest two will be getting their second shots soon. Little by little, we return. Not back to normal, not by any standard from before this started, but back into the world after a long separation.

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