Tuesday, April 24, 2007

That's a Goldfish of a Different Color...

Last year my son won a goldfish at a festival. I use the term won loosely. The girl running the booth let him keep throwing until he got the ping pong ball into the little fishbowl. I think it's his eyes. He tends to get a lot of extra turns.
Anyway, this goldfish is still alive! It's been almost a year. And it's grown from a tiny little thing of maybe an inch and a half into a four inch long miniature carp. The odd thing about him is that he seems to have the ability to change his color. When we first got him, he had black spots. These spots vanished after a month, and he suddenly became a solid orange color. About a month ago, he developed dark spots again. This time there is a large spot on his back and his fins and tail have darkened. What's going on? He looks healthy enough, he eats well--in fact, he's the prime suspect in the disappearance of 2 guppies--but this color changing thing has us mystified. I feel like I have the finned equivalent of the "horse of a different color."
Is anyone out there a goldfish enthusiast? Is this something that goldfish do, or is it just another example of my family's weirdness? Don't answer that!

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