Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Marina!

Baby Marina
My Baby Girl

Marina on Trap Feet2Hands
Born in the Year of the Circus, raised on the trapeze
First of the grandkids on both sides,
Is 14 today!
How did that happen?

The Birth Story:
Marina was my hospital birth. The last things I did before I started labor was juggle at the Carmine St. gym (some of my best juggling, I might add. I could still do under the leg tricks, even that late in the pregnancy) and then I went to a restaurant with hubby and one of our friends because I had a SERIOUS craving for a brownie sundae. After eating it, I sat back and said "OK, we can have the baby now," (Ha, Ha, Ha). We drove our friend home in a car we borrowed from my parents, because our car had been stolen two nights earlier, and then headed home. I managed to get one hour of sleep before I began to get crampy. My labor with Marina lasted 25 hours and every contraction was intense from beginning to end. Because I'm strong willed, I went through it all unmedicated. I don't think my big brother and sister will ever forget how I screamed. They could hear me in the waiting room.
Toward the end, I was having trouble pushing, my hubby and mom were tired and my mom was getting frantic because she had relatively fast labors (my sister was almost born on a highway.) That was when my father swept in and I could hear his sunny voice say, "You're doing it wrong! You have to push like you're on the toilet!" I credit him with focusing me. Shortly after, Marina popped out, wriggling around like a fish. She was born with muscles, my little one, my sweet firstborn child!

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Bonni said...

Happy Birthday, Marina!! Have a great day. I Love the pics your mom put up.

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