Monday, May 14, 2007

Spring Meme

Halfmoon Happenings tagged me to tell you my 10 favorite things about Spring, as well as my 10 least favorite. Here goes:
My 10 Favorites:
  1. Birdsong
  2. Finding out my Autumn plantings survived the winter
  3. Longer days
  4. Warmer days
  5. Birthdays (3 kids, all in May+many of their friends)
  6. Azaleas blooming
  7. Spring peepers chirping
  8. Gardening
  9. Kite-flying
  10. Less clothing!!!
My 10 Least Favorites:
  1. Tree pollen allergies
  2. Mosquitoes (or chickenpox--I'm not sure)
  3. Drag racing (it happens a lot in our neighborhood)
  4. Noise from lawn mowers and blowers
  5. Autumn plantings that didn't survive the winter
  6. Flies in the house
  7. (This is hard, I like Spring) Pulling out the invasive plants
  8. Poison ivy (which isn't invasive, it just feels that way)
  9. Itchiness
  10. Spring Fever distracting us from schooling
If you want to give your 2 cents, tag, you're it! Send me a comment and I'll look at your list.

1 comment:

Leticia said...

I'll take the tag. I just love spring as well!

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