Monday, May 21, 2007

Marina's Prize Winning Poem

Aside from Chase's birthday yesterday, we had a second reason to celebrate. Marina won third place in the teen category at a local poetry contest! The award ceremony was yesterday, and I had intended to blow it off because of Chase's birthday, but then I got a call on Friday from the contest coordinator urging me to come "and bring Marina." I was intrigued. I've entered this contest for four years and no one has ever called to make sure we attended the award ceremony. My poems, of course, have still not won, but I'm willing to live vicariously through my daughter. After all these years of prodding her to enter for the sake of entering and assuring her that winning is no big deal, I have to admit to a certain amount of pride in her win. She wrote the poem completely on her own. She wasn't going to enter because she hadn't written anything recently, but I remembered seeing this poem of hers in a pile of papers that we stashed on top of the washing machine (my filing system). Luckily, it was still there. Sorry Flylady.

She was one of two homeschoolers who entered and won this year. The other won second place in the juniors (6-10) category. Since she has no blog of her own (in spite of me begging her to start one) I will post her poem here. The poem will be published in a book with other winners and finalists which will be distributed to all the local libraries.

The Ancient Oak

Ancient oak, tall and strong,

Sheltering life beneath your branches.

Rough bark acts like a robe,

Protecting the wood inside.

Sleepy birds rest on your sturdy arms.

A crown of leaves rests on your brow,

Which you toss away in Autumn,

Only to get a new one in the Spring.

A child leans against your trunk,

In the shade, resting and dreaming.

Generations of people, animals, and plants

Have passed before your eyes,

You have seen it all.

Ancient oak, wise and patient,

You touch the heavens while still on


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