Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beautiful days outside

SiSi's Toad Trust
On the left, Sierra makes a new friend in the garden. On the right, hubby and I practice back to back juggling, which I'm thinking of renaming "Trust." You pass clubs overhead to your partner. And we're a little out of practice. Sound scary? On this day we hit each other several times in the shoulder. But I had the sun in my eyes. I find this a good way to reconnect with my husband when we've been busy. The past few years have been very busy. I juggle and teach juggling on my own from time to time, but we don't often get to practice together.
Our clubs are from Dube Juggling. There's a link in the sidebar for anyone who's interested. We've used these for at least ten years, in shows and practice, so you can see they're built to last.


TobyBo said...


Cool! I hope you'll understand if I feel it better that Devastatingly Handsome and I do not try to connect in this way with each other. I think we would end up connecting in the emergency room.

Aliadelaide said...

looks like it might be fun!!

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