Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Breathe Out

Still shaking a little.
Let's go over the evening's activities.
Missed dinner.
OK, I think I got your attention.
Shortly after hubby got home, we put dinner on the table. Only Chase came at the first call, so I went looking for Marina and Sierra. Marina was in her room, cutting out her latest kirigami artwork. No Sierra. (But you knew this would be about Sierra, didn't you?). I search the house. No Sierra. Hubby searches the yard. No Sierra. Back inside. We search the closets, under the bed. No Sierra. Back outside. Back inside. Voices are getting tenser, louder. Panic is rising.
I see a neighbor across the street. I know Sierra likes her daughters. Seen her? No. Across to another neighbor, an elderly woman Sierra likes to talk to. Seen her? No.
Heart is pumping, the scene seems surreal. She can't be gone, she was just here a few minutes ago. I'm uttering prayers under my breath. We run about, checking the basement, down the hill in our back yard (more of a steep incline that ends in a stream.) Neighbors are coming out in the street. We finally decide we're in over our heads and call the police. I must give congratulations to our police department. They respond quickly.

And then Marina finds Sierra hiding behind the front passenger seat of our car. With a marker. She had written on the front seat. An x, a null sign and two % symbols. She had written on other places as well.

And yes, Mom, I remember I once hid in a car when I was little. But I had the sense to come out when you talked about calling the police.
Heart rate returning to normal. If I wake up with white hair, you'll all know why.
If this is 5, what is 15 going to be like???


ComfyDenim said...

15 will either be a breeze - or she'll be a lot sneakier. *L*
That face!!!

I'm so glad that she's safe and I know you held her extra close just because. All the while wanting to, well, I'd want to pull her hair out. *L*

Breathing with you.

Bonni said...

Holy Crap! (Pardon me) What an awful night! What a scare. I think would have lost it when I had to start looking outside. I'm glad she was found so quickly.

HOW are you going to get the marker off her face?! And how is everyone this morning? Are you ok?

I'm sure 15 is going to be fine. Apparently, she's getting all of her antics out way before 15....

TobyBo said...


Oh, my. (((Juggling Paynes)))

I suppose we've all had a few of those heart stopping moments and I am glad yours ended well.

(wondering if Sierra could have any of those hippie genes that cause people about age 15 to paint flowers on vans....)

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