Sunday, July 8, 2007

Our week

Last week was so busy. We left early (for us) Tuesday morning and headed south to Virginia to spend a few days at hubby's cousin's house. The kids had a great time with their second cousins, Curtis and Kyle, and their pets. Sierra spent a lot of time training their dog, Freckles. Freckles was very attentive and patient with Sierra. The ragdoll cats were a hit with all of the kids since they were very mellow and didn't mind being held. We enjoyed hanging out on July 4th, and I enjoyed talking with hubby's aunt, who has an interesting family history. She told me all about her father who was a band leader in New York in the 1920's. (Curtis and Kyle seem to have inherited the music talent. Curtis plays guitar and Kyle plays drums. They're very good.) I'm now inspired to do a little digging into my own past. I know my great great great grandparents had eloped from Germany in the 1850's and had a saloon on the lower east side of Manhattan. I want to see if I can locate any information about that. It's a bit harder than I thought, since they came before Ellis Island opened. And googling their names hasn't produced any information. (I thought you could find anything on the web?)

Anyway, we spent Thursday in Washington D.C. We took a train from Pentagon City and walked all over the National Zoo, where my only goal was to see the pandas but somehow we stayed 3 or 4 hours. Then we took the train to the National Mall where we went to the Natural History museum. There were some beautiful gems on display there, including the Hope diamond. The kids held up pretty well considering all the walking. On Friday our cousins took us to Baltimore to go to the National Aquarium. The kids particularly enjoyed the special exhibit of Australian animals and the shark tanks. After being on our feet so much for two days, I think we welcomed the 4 hour drive home from Baltimore. Pictures coming soon!

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