Sunday, August 19, 2007

Children's Zoo, Bugs and a Camel Ride

Our membership card had a complete workout this past week. The zoo can get expensive if you don't have a membership. They now offer pay one price tickets for the tourists, but for those of us in the area, a membership is definitely the cheaper way to see the zoo. And pack a lunch. These collages are from the children's zoo adventures.

Children Zoo 1

This is where children can feel what it's like to be an animal. There are also exhibit animals like otters and the fennec fox. Those ears let the kids hear like the fennec fox.

Children Zoo 2

Hard to see, but there is a wallaby behind the kids in the lower left picture above. Chase is pointing to a lemur in the lower center shot. Sierra is pretending to be a lemur on the climbing tree.

Children Zoo 3

Here they are popping out of prairie dog holes, climbing a spider web and petting a goat. Yes, I know I repeated the web picture. It's been a long day...

bugs & camel

We also visited the butterfly house and garden, then the kids took a ride on the bug carousel. Sierra is riding a firefly and Chase is behind her on a praying mantis. They also had a camel ride.

1 comment:

ComfyDenim said...

I've enjoyed seeing your pictures over the last few posts.
It's obvious that your kids, like mine, know what to do for the camera. :-)

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