Saturday, August 18, 2007

Things We've Learned About Our Zoo

Here are some things we've learned from spending a week at our zoo...

The best bathroom is at the Dancing Crane Cafe. The worst is at Wild Asia. Not that it isn't clean, it's just that the stalls are so shallow your knees hit the door when you sit.

The best place to stand for the seal lion feeding is on the right of side of the pool. That's where the youngest sea lion, Indy, gets fed. She does the best tricks, even if she doesn't always listen to the trainer. Sometimes it's better when she doesn't listen.

The worst indoor exhibit for visitor comfort is the Monkey House. It's very stuffy and smelly. Second worst is the reptile house. It's just stuffy in there.

Monkeys and apes are very good mothers. They try to keep their babies out of dangerous situations, like free-for-all games of tag. They also use babysitters and will put their babies on ledges where the babies can't climb down and get into trouble.

Fridays are the least crowded. There aren't as many camps to maneuver around. Contrariwise, Wednesdays are the most crowded. That's free admission day.

The Bronx Zoo's bison saved the buffalo from extinction. Here is a book about it called They Came from the Bronx by Neil Waldman.

It's best to use the skyfari or the zoo train at the beginning of the day. It is less crowded, and then you can leisurely walk back toward your parking lot. Most people walk away from the parking lot, get tired toward the middle of the day, and then end up standing on long lines to head back toward their parking lots.

This is a big zoo. There are over 4,ooo animals exhibited here (over 6,000 in total). You can't see the whole zoo in one day. We are veterans of the zoo and it took us three days to cover every area. It's best to use the map and plan out what you want to see. It's no fun to reach the Children's Zoo a half hour before closing and then try to rush through.

The zoo has an excellent website: and you can also visit the main site for the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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TobyBo said...


I am glad to see the photos. Maybe I've gone bananas but I think I read this post photoless yesterday.

I agree about monkey houses. They stink. Even Mr Music says so, who kind of thinks a guys' locker room is a good smell.

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