Wednesday, August 15, 2007

De-Skunking Update

I want to thank Carolyn at Guilt Free Homeschooling for her helpful advice in deodorizing the cat.

Mix 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide with 1 cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap in a large bucket. It will bubble and foam up as the peroxide and soda blend. Wash your cat immediately with this mixture. It is chemically formulated to neutralize the skunk odor. This formula was discovered by a chemist, and IT WORKS. Instantly! The foaming oxygen bubbles bond with the chemical structure of the musk-spray, rendering it absolutely stinkless. You may want to rinse your cat again in clean water to remove the peroxide-wash, that is, of course, provided that you can catch your cat and wash him in the first place! This has been tested and proven by countless owners of labs and retrievers--otherwise known as skunk magnets.

I was able to make a half recipe (she's nowhere near the size of a lab) and she is now back to her cuddly, non-stinky self.

I have decided I need to stop saying "it's only a matter of time before ... happens." After 2 of these "only a matter of time" instances happened within one week (Lyme disease and skunking), I think I will only say "It's only a matter of time before I win the lottery jackpot."


B&B said...

I'm glad Marina can put one of the links to use! It sounds like you are all having fun at the zoo. How is Marina liking her summer job?

This line 'Don't change anything until I get a chance to explore some of them more fully.' really cracked me up. Gee, you really ARE getting to know me! Alas, I beleive all the 'kid fun' sites I have are posted. I'm not planning to list all the HS parenting sites as they're everywhere and I'm all about the fun!

Peace and laughter,

P.S. I'll keep my eye out for all those pics of the zoo! I can't wait to see the Bronx Zoo!

TobyBo said...


I hope I never need that recipe you shared her for deskunking. Miss Dog Lover smells skunk half a mile away when we are driving. And that's if it hasn't been run over.

and, RYC, I am enjoying your scholarly explanation of the history of cartoon stunts. :)

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