Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Home Spun comic strip #123

Home Spun comic strip #123


Vicki said...

Just for giggles, this is what I've written in a few Cboxes today:

ikciV : .won thgir sdrawkcab tib a gnileef m'I eheheh

Hehehe...wondering if they'll get it, rofl...easily amused, too!

appleleaf said...

Your week sounds as if it's been as busy as ours. I've probably just spent as long catching up with your recent posts as I have writing the last one of my own.
We'll be doing a bit of zoo cleaning as a homeschooling outing ourselves soon. Thanks for the warning about spitting llamas. And also for the cool story about Thomas Edison and the bowls of soup. We all know a few people who "salt" their experiences. In fact, what a great motto "Expect the Unexpected" is.
PS, I would like you to pass on those links you mentioned, and I'll do a bit of lurking to see what people have to say.

TobyBo said...


Just wanted to say I am LOLing at your comment about the Scarlet Letter because that is what I said to DH last night... he showed me a second news item where a man was sentenced to scrub memorials with a toothbrush and wear a T-shirt that said, "I Stole From Veterans."

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