Thursday, August 9, 2007

What a Day...

I've read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" many times to my children. I've tried to get them to relate to its important message. And yet...

My son has a low tolerance for pain. I've tried to get him to understand that if he yells "Ow!!" about every little poke or pinch it will be hard for me to tell if something serious happens. Yesterday he woke up moaning and complaining about knee pain. Since he hadn't landed hard on it lately, I figured he was overreacting to a leg cramp. Bad Mommy. Bad.

After a day of moaning and waking up today unable to put any weight on it, my dear sweet husband took him to the doctor. They left at 10:30AM and didn't return until 2:00PM. After spending the day in the pediatrician's office and then driving over to the orthopedist, the verdict is that it MIGHT be Lyme disease. I guess considering the amount of time we spend at nature preserves I should be thankful it took this long for someone in the family to end up with that diagnosis. Almost every family we know has had at least one case of Lyme. We also had a lot more tick incidents this year. Nasty little bloodsuckers.

On the plus side, if it is Lyme, it's still at a fully treatable stage. We'll find out tomorrow. In the meantime, daddy is going to fill a prescription for crutches, because the orthopedist wants Chase to keep weight off the knee. Chase is looking forward to having crutches. I'm debating the wisdom of handing two big sticks to my 11 year old son. I imagine they will quickly become quarterstaffs or laser cannons, which will make Sierra want a set of her own.

Update: As predicted, the crutch is being used as a laser cannon. And why don't these things have cupholders? Guess how a boy holds a cup when he's wielding two crutches. Maybe I shouldn't say. This is comic strip material.
The doctor called and there was no infection in the knee fluid. Thank you God. An infection would have meant hospital time on an IV. This has increased the likelihood that it is indeed Lyme disease, so now we start the meds.


ComfyDenim said...

I got your comment and was just coming to see how he was doing. Wow. Quarterstaffs are a good use of crutches - until his arms hurt. What an experience, he'll be able to talk about forever!!

Thank you for your encouragement about not going out. Going out with the 2 little ones is not the easiest. J-man needs much training as he is often like Curious George. His intentions were NOT to paint the lady in the bathtub - but the paint and the water was just too much to resist.

Kind of like MIni-E throwing my DS into the toilet.

It's nice to know that other moms choose not to get out as much as other moms. I have a friend who gets out way more than I would want to. :-)

We're sending get well prayers to you big boy's knee!! *L*

B&B said...

OH WOW! Lyme Disease? I haven't even heard it mentioned since I've been in the south. I'm sure it's here, just not talked about or something. ^-^ You sound so calm.

On the bright side, it's great that Chase can find some fun in all this! I'll be looking for the comic strip of how a boy on crutches carries a cup!

Hey! Thanks for the nice compliment on my new blog! I wouldn't say I'm good yet though. I haven't learned how to personalize it. Did you notice that I used your lines? TKS!

B&B said...

b&B that's me!

Peace & laughter!

Bonni said...

What a lot of excitement. I hope Chase is feeling ok at this point. I am now taking my husband's pre-summer talk on 'this is a tick and this is what can happen...' a lot more seriously.

Inner Elder said...

Hey! You didn't tell me Chase would have to go to the hospital if it was an infection. Thank you. Love, Mom

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