Monday, August 20, 2007

Home Spun comic strip #128

Home Spun comic strip #128

Yes, I know it's only been 3 months since I introduced pregnancy into this strip. The space time continuum is a lot different in the land of cartoons. The characters in For Better or for Worse and Jump Start are the only ones I can think of that are done in real time. Most comic strips hardly age at all.
Anyway, it's my comic strip and I'll send her into labor if I want to.
If it's so important to have a real time strip, I could just show reruns for the next 6 months and then have her give birth...
I want to point out that Toby's spelling is correct. Chase did give me a drawing during the throes of labor and the message was in his phonetic language. I guess I should have nipped that in the bud back then, but it was so cute. Hukt ahn fonix werkt phor mee!


Inner Elder said...

This brought a few tears as I remembered Chase drawing feverishly and rushing his message to you. Please make your homebirth quick and easy! Love, Mom

appleleaf said...

I find myself wondering which of your three different styles of labour you're going to base this one on.
Looks like great fun at the zoo.
Before I could leave a comment, I had to complete your Harry Potter test, and I ended up in Ravenclaw, which I was quite happy with.
PS, Thanks for telling me how to change the time zone on my blog. Not only was it immediately spot-on, but it changed all the old blog entries too, to my surprise.

TobyBo said...

I had no problem with the spelling... Mr Music is just now leaving that system behind, thanks to IEW spelling. :)

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