Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mucking in the Rain

It's raining today with a slight chill in the air. The kind of day that's perfect curling up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book. The only thing I have planned is a stop at the library and Tae Kwon Do later in the afternoon.

Not so Marina. This is her second week at the zoo internship. During the first week, while we explored every corner of the zoo, Marina was looking at the nooks and crannies, exploring all the behind the scenes areas. Every day she came home tired and bursting with interesting facts about the zoo and animals. There are over 6,000 animals in the zoo. Many retired children's zoo animals live in the camel barn. Zookeepers never step into the tiger exhibit. They stand on the roof and toss things in as the tigers eye them (I said the tigers are probably hoping this is the day the zoo keeper loses his balance.) And did you know that if a mosquito is biting your forearm you can make it pop off by repeatedly making a fist to pump blood into it? It fills the mosquito with blood too quickly and it blows off like an overfull balloon. Or blows up. I forget which. Not exactly what I wanted to talk about right before giving blood.

This week Marina is working in the Children's Zoo. Each morning she'll be working cleaning a different enclosure. She has to be up earlier, so she's staying with my parents, who are closer to the zoo. Guess which pen she had to do on her first day. Anyone? Anyone?

That's right! It's the llamas! They were very well behaved. Obviously not related to my llama. Either that, or Marina has enough Dr. Dolittle in her that the animals know better than to spit on her. Today she'll be cleaning one of the goat pens and on Wednesday she'll be in the wallaby and lemur enclosures. I'm so jealous. They didn't have those animals when I was working there. Stay tuned for more Adventures in Zookeeping.


Ahermitt said...

I used to visit the Bronx Zoo as a child having grown up in New York... I would have killed for an internship... too bad regular school took up too much of my time

Happy Campers said...

Imagine the life long memories your daughter is making, along with learning valuable work skills. How exciting!

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