Friday, August 3, 2007

In Memoriam-Aunt Alice

Should I just turn this into a regular feature? I seem to have a lot of posts dealing with our losses. It's been a hard year.

I just returned home from Pennsylvania after saying a final goodbye to Great Aunt Alice, a woman who really deserves the title of Great, in every sense of the word. She died much too suddenly, and will be keenly missed. If I needed to sum up her life in three words, I think I would use Faith, Gratitude and Love. Wait, I need 4 words. Add Playfulness. Those gifts are reflected in the many lives she touched, especially her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. My own words cannot fully express what a wonderful woman she is. All I can say is I will cherish the moments I was able to spend with her and I know she is happily reunited with her dear husband, my Great Uncle Ed, and is lovingly watching over her family. My second cousin, Tobey, has graciously allowed me to post a story he wrote about his Grandma. I hope my readers enjoy it and keep this special family in your prayers.

The Lead

The two old men meander their way across the greens. It's a fresh afternoon to which morning has just given birth. These two silver gentlemen are friends, family, neighbors and amateur golfers. One might guess they are brothers. But in fact, this duet consists of a father-in-law and a son-in-law. After eighteen holes the clubs go into the trunk and the golfers pilot down the avenue.

The charming brunette woman is in the kitchen, she enjoys preparing lunch for her kind father-in-law. She's a young woman in this scene. You almost wouldn't expect to find her here. Once the midday feast is prepared she gathers her collection of prayer cards and walks out into the warm summer sun. She cannot stay. Carefully watching over seven children from far above is an involved task.

The gentleman in glasses is home now. A sigh of relief is appropriate. Not every car ride for the golfers is accident free. After a farewell to his son-in-law, he enters the house to find a lovingly prepared plate of food and a note from his daughter-in-law.

After lunch it's time to enjoy Lawrence Welk. He migrates toward the television. He's mildly entertained, but that feeling of loneliness creeps in. He's still not used to being alone. He sleeps.

"Eddie?" A voice from the hallway startles him. The figure he sees after adjusting his glasses is of a lady. A lovely lady; a little over eighty-one years young. She's disoriented but relieved. She smiles at the handsome gentlemen golfer. She's in a familiar place, a peaceful place. She's home. She's with Eddie again.

Welk goes off and coffee goes on. A game is about to begin. Its a meeting of minds over letters. Tonight, two masters who haven't seen each other in years will rekindle their love and companionship over a game of Scrabble.

Ed starts strong. He places six of his seven chips. Horizontally they spell:


"Your turn, Alice." He says with a smile.

She'll use one of his letters, and three of her own. Vertically they spell:


Its a triple word score - Grandma takes the lead.

by Tobey Forsman

Aunt Alice & Milo


ComfyDenim said...

I'm sorry for your loss.
My sympathy and prayers...

TobyBo said...


my sympathies are with you. Thank you for sharing about your Aunt.

Inner Elder said...

For my thoughts of my Aunt Alice, go to Innerelder - Memories.

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