Sunday, August 5, 2007

Quiet Please

I will be spending today diligently working on my neglected comic strip. It has been such a busy week, considering this was supposed to be the week I relaxed and pretended that moms can have a summer break.

Anyway, I did want to tell you how upset I was to learn that the original Carvel ice cream store will be closing soon. Here is a link to the article (hope it works). I think it stinks that it's closing. I like coming up with money making schemes that I can't finance. I thought it would be cool if they had turned it into a museum. They could put up vintage photos of the store, sell souvenir Carvel ice cream truck toys, and still have a working store. I am so annoyed that the Carvel powers that be would allow their own history to unravel because the franchises are independently owned and operated. This should be fixed up as a landmark, not broken down into another unnecessary shopping center!

I have always enjoyed taking my family to this Carvel. I have fond memories of stopping here after shopping along Central Avenue. There used to be a Barnes and Noble near it. Books and ice cream, life was good. And the management could be, um, colorful at times. We went in once when it was crowded, and the counter man (who might have been the owner) kept saying in a very loud, slightly annoyed, and thickly accented voice, "I am very, very busy."

I think we'll need to go over and get some ice cream there this week.


; ) said... cream.....(It's cuttently 93 degrees, but it feels hotter!) You should write a letter suggesting your museam idea to whichever museam,(mayor, town council, Carvel owner...Bill Clinton...) is the closest to the Carvel! Who knows? They might listen!

Hope you get a little summer break. You deserve it!


; ) said...


Inner Elder said...

I think your idea is great! And it could be multi-media, with a wall of Tom Carvel's commercials until people could no longer stand it!


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