Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wandering Thoughts aka I Have a Headache

Marina cleaned the chicken pen at the Children's Zoo on Friday without supervision. Shouldn't they compensate me for that? This internship wasn't cheap.

After a welcome chill at the beginning of the week, we are now back to your typical hazy, hot, humid August. Bleh.

I've begun drawing my comic strip birth. Don't worry, nothing of a graphic nature. Except that pictures are technically graphic. Hmmm...Everything is G-rated. Anyway, I'm trying to pin down Sierra for the name. If you remember, a long time ago in May, adding her character was her birthday present. Now that I finally have a sketch of the baby, I keep showing her and asking, "What's her name?" I've gotten Rose, Janie, Bloom, Star, Flower, and now Daisy. I don't think she grasps the importance of this occasion. I'm biting my lip to control my naming urges. I create characters just to name them. I love naming things. Adam was so lucky. He got to name everything.

We have been getting the oddest assortment of red and black squirrels. It makes me think some of those Malaysian Tree Squirrels escaped North from the zoo. Ours seem to be mostly black with some red patches. One is all black but half of its tail is red. I must try to get a picture of one of them.


appleleaf said...

I agree with you on the fun and significance of names. I have several good ones tucked up my sleeve for future stories I may write some day. I'm sure you & Sierra will eventually agree on a name. You'll have to. After all, this new baby will feature in your comic strips for a long time to come!

Inner Elder said...

When Sierra was at my house last week, I asked her what she was going to name Mommy's cartoon baby. She said "Sierra" because the baby was her. I guess we will all be surprised.

Love, Sierra's Grandma

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