Sunday, August 26, 2007

Femme Philosophers

MOMflippedisWOW and I spent a lot of time emailing on Friday night. She is very good at putting up posts that make me sit up and think about where I stand on certain issues. Since she is also a friend, I have to think before I write. I know there are things we don't agree on, or that we agree about in different ways, so it's important to me to honor her feelings while at the same time offering my own thoughts. I've been lucky to find a number of women here and in real life who challenge me to think, but also offer me a secure sounding board. I know they will still be friends even if our ideas differ. It's not as important to me that they agree, just that they are as respectful of my opinions as I am of theirs.
I don't want to rehash our discussion here, except to say that it ranged from war, tolerance, and supporting our troops to the plight of Afghan women and how to prevent abuse. Weighty topics for late-night e-conversation.
Anyway, my enjoyment of our late night talk made me joke that we should have our own Fem Philosophers Club. But my little jest doesn't seem to want to let go of me. So I'm thinking I will turn this into a kind of tag. Don't worry, I'm not going to make you pick 5 people or make a list of your random thoughts. These will be the rules:

  • Choose a button. You can copy it from my Flickr page or just copy the image from here. Hmmm...copying isn't working, so I'm listing the URL alongside each button. Somebody let me know if that works, or offer more suggestions...

  • If you are awarded the Femme Philosopher, you are now able to stick a Femme Philosopher button on your blog. If you are savvy of these things (I'm not) you can also link it on the post that won it for you. Copy these rules to include on your post so that others will know what it's about.
  • Now you are free to give this award to others! Along with blogs you agree with, please look for blogs that are not necessarily your views, but rather ideas that stir thought and allow for respectful discussion in their comments. We cannot stimulate our own thought processes without running up against some opposing views. (With this in mind, it is not necessary for the Femme Philosopher to be femme. It's named for the femmes that started it.) Use it as often as you like or not at all.
I want to start things off by awarding a button to MOMflippedisWOW at her Balderdash & Blokus address. She inspires my thought be it through boiled frogs or patriotic spam. Congratulations, my friend, go forth and inspire others to think outside of their comfort zone.

Update 8/27/o7-I just gave a second award to Bonni's for her excellent treatise on left-handedness. Read it at Bonni's.

Update 8/29/07-Appleleaf at Living the Dream always gives me things to think about as well as insight into the creative process.

Update 9/1/07- I added CarpeBanana because she can make a philosophical discussion from such unlikely sources as Fred Flinstone and Flat Stanley.

Comfy Denim for always looking for ideas that amuse her as well as random thoughts for strengthening her faith.

callmekate because sometimes summer should just be summer, and also for her thoughts about the strains of health issues and uncertainty in life.


B&B said...

Thank you!!

I feel truly blessed to have a friend like you.


B&B said...

Sweet, sweet Christina, you gave me a real workout with this one, lol, but I finally worked it out (mostly) and have my acceptence up.
I'll need another day before I send it forth. Thanks again for the honor!


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